Anak Pintar – Game Pendidikan untuk Anak

game ipad indonesiaAnak Pintar – Matching Card is the best in class of matching games, designed from the ground up to be fun and educational. Your child will love seeing the names of animals, vehicle, etc while trying to match them.

Anak Pintar – Matching Cards has a very attractive visual style with cute drawings and rich colors, combined with catchy music and sound effects, perfect for any kids of all ages.

Anak Pintar – Matching Cards features 6 different types of cards to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Anak Pintar – Matching Cards features a fun gallery mode to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. They will love seeing the pictures and the names of animals, vehicles and other things in the gallery.

matching card


  • A very attractive art style with vivid and rich colors designed to capture children’s attention, so they will love it.
  • Simple but fun gameplay, the children can learn to memorize and learn new things while playing.
  • A very catchy and fun music, suitable for kids of all ages.
  • 6 types of cards to play, challenging kids of all ages.
  • Face down cards help older kids with memorization skills
  • The cards will always be shuffled everytime you start a new game, so you never play the same game twice.
  • Gallery system helps children to learn about the pictures and learn new things.
  • Universal App. One download plays on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Optimized for iOS4 and iPad 2/iPhone 4 Retina Display!


  • ANIMALS – From cats to turtle, your children can learn a thing or two about animals while playing
  • FRUITS – Your children can see various fruits from strawberry to pineapple, so delicious!
  • EMOTIONS – Your children can also learn various emotions here, from a happy to a shocked face, all in a cute drawing style
  • VEHICLES – There’s a car, train, up to rockets for your children to see here
  • OCCUPATION – Your children can also see what kind of profession they would like to be in the future. From being a Doctor up to being a Musician, it’s here
  • SPORTS – There are 8 types of sports to see here ranging from basketball to soccer. Let your children see what they like most!

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