Anak Pintar Samakan Kartu Aplikasi Anak untuk iPad

As the title explained already, Anak Pintar – Matching Cards has moved from a mere number of 46 to the 8th spot today and now comfortably positioned itself amongst the top 10 Free Apple Ipad Apps in Indonesia. Sweet!

anak pintar samakan kartu

Of course we can take this moment to brag a little, but we couldn’t have done it without the little gamers who played Anak Pintar – Matching Cards and their wise parents who have chosen our game to keep their beloved children out from boredom and make them study at the same time. Therefore, we place big thanks and bravo to you all.

Anak Pintar – Matching Cards is our first game that we developed for the sake of our little gamers. Most of our team members at Digi Phoenix Studio even though still a bunch of hardcore gamers at heart; they’re also proud parents and future dads. As both parents and gamers, we want to prove the world that gaming is actually both fun and educating.


The only thing that often parents missed when choosing games for their kids are genre moderation. With right screening, genre choosing and the occasional rejecting your own kids choice of games to buy no matter what kind of tantrums he/she throws at you, you can actually teach your beloved children critical thinking, empathy, common sense, literature and give a whole bunch of other benefits to be used in their future.

Of course, the team members at Digi Phoenix Studio are planning to bring more to the children in the short future and we promise not to forget the more mature gamers. Look forward to our next game : Pocong Jump on iTunes sometimes next week and if you still haven’t downloaded our first born, Meteor Masher, please do so and have fun!

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