Non Firing or Blank Firing Gun Benefit

Benefit of Non Firing and Blank Firing Gun

  1. Still legal in the US, and many other places.
    No waiting period for purchase.
  2. Safety.
    Unless you misuse it or do something stupid like pack it in public, or point it at the police, it is a safe, non-weapon. No more dangerous than any other wood and metal inanimate object. In the hands of a responsible adult, they are great to have, and make impressive conversation pieces.
  3. Price.
    While you can probably afford a more modern, mass-produced gun, most people can’t afford a super classic like a Luger Parabellum, Walther P38 or PPK, 1892 winchester or 1873 Henry. Or a classic Lee-Enfield SMLE, M1 Garand, MP40 “Schmeisser”, a British Brown Bess or Charleville flintlock musket. With non-firng and blank-firing replicas, you can. And they look and feel like the real deal. They even have functioning movable parts and can be dry-fired. With a blank-firing replica, you get even more.
  4. Replica guns are valuable for use in authentic historical reenactment events, collections, training exercises, film and television productions, and are vastly less expensive than real guns, without the legal hassles.
  5. Realism. With a Blank-firing replica, it’s just like having a real one.
    They require more caution by responsible adults than the non-firng versions, but they look, feel and sound just like the real thing when fired, without the danger of deadly projectiles. You get the full experience. The boom, recoil and smoke are all real. These aren’t cheap cap guns. They cycle cartridges and have the full action and ejection.

Written by: Randall Graham


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