Hitler Died In Indonesia?

adolf-hitler-paintingIf anyone keeps an article newspaper clip from “Pikiran Rakyat” in 1983, there was an interesting article written by Doctor Sosrohusodo about his experience met with an old German doctor named Poch in Sumbawa Besar Island in 1960.

The old German doctor led the biggest hospital on the island at the time.

The article got so many people’s attention, even cynical and condemnation. The interesting story from the article itself is not about the work of Dr. Poch in the hospital but, it was the final conclusion of the article that made everyone who read it interested.

Doctor Sosro blatantly claimed that the old German doctor whom he met and spoken to was Adolf Hitler the former dictator of Germany that started World War II.

He mentioned evidences such as; the German doctor couldn’t walk normally anymore, he always dragged his left leg when he walks. His left hand always shake, he has a moustache like Charlie Chaplin and a bald head.

hitler+evaThat condition was similar to Hitler at his old age, as it found in all books which tell on Hitler’s autobiography (especially during the last days of his life), or the confession of Sturmbannführer Heinz Linge former aide of Hitler. There are many other evidences mentioned by Dr. Sosro to support his thought.

Dr. Sosro’s faith which he built since 1960 remain strong and unchanged even to this day. He even more certain after he obtained other evidences that supports his finding. “The more people against me, the more I will even work harder to find other evidences”. Said the doctor who was born in Gundih, Central Java in 1929 when he was met at his house in Bandung.

If his suspicion is true, Dr. Poch and his wife were then Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. When Dr. Sosro spoke to Dr. Poch in 1960 he was 71 years old, as history recorded that Hitler was born in 20 April 1889.

Doctor Poch also very mysterious, he didn’t have any Doctor Licence certificate at all and looks like he didn’t understand any medical matters, said Dr. Sosro who graduated from medical faculty of University of Indonesia which was assigned in Sumbawa Besar Island when he worked at the hospital ship “Hope”.

When he was first assigned to the Sumbawa Besar Island and met with the old German doctor and his wife, his suspicion was purely accidental. However his suspicion then grew into beliefs that Dr. Poch and his wife were Hitler and his wife Eva Braun.


Dr. Sosro kept some keynotes which mostly helpful to him. His attention on literatures about Hitler grew bigger and every time he sees Hitler’s picture he’s getting more convinced that Dr. Poch is Hitler. This was happened in the 1960; he had since long left Sumbawa Besar Island for 20 years.

One day one of his nephews brought him a 1980 15th edition of Zaman magazine. In that magazine, there was an article written by Heinz Linge, a former aide of Hitler with the title “Real Life Story From the Last Days of a Dictator”, which was translated to Indonesian language by Try Budi Satria.

On page 59 Linge told the story about the suicide of Hitler and Eva Braun, which their body were then cremated. In that article Linge also said about Hitler’s physical condition at the time; “some people in Germany knew that the Fuhrer dragged his left feet when he walks; his eyesight is began to blurred, his hair didn’t grow anymore then, as the war raged on and Germany is getting defeated, Hitler suffer from neural stiffs”.

example zaman magazine cover
example zaman magazine cover

As he read the article Dr. Sosro realised that those physical symptoms were similar to what he saw and found with the old German doctor. He became more convinced after he read Hitler’s biography book. “They are all similar”, said the father of four children.

In the article Heinz Linge also said that Hitler’s left hand began to suffer from tremors at the time of battle of Stalingrad (1942 -1943) which brought disaster to the German army, and Hitler faced difficulties to cure the tremors. At the end of the article Linge wrote that, “I’m glad that Hitler’s grave and body was never found”.

Dr. Sosro then remember some conversations between him and Dr. Poch which he beliefs was Hitler when he visited his house. When the old doctor asked about Hitler’s government he praised it. He also said there’s nothing happened in Auschwitz; the famous concentration camp where Jewish people were killed.

Dr. Sosro said, “when I asked about Hitler’s death, he said that he didn’t know because at the time the whole city of Berlin was in chaos, and everyone tried to escape and save themselves.

Between the conversations, Dr. Poch complained about the tremors in his left hand. Dr. Sosro then checked his ulnaris nerves. There’s nothing happened, same thing when he checked his throat. He made conclusion that Dr. Poch only suffer Parkinson since he’s already very old.

What made Dr. Sosro surprised was when he confirmed his prediction that Dr. Poch suffer from psychological trauma. When asked when was this symptom appeared, Dr. Poch asked his wife in German language. In which she replied, “It happened when the German army was defeated in the battle near Moscow. When Goebbels told you about that you were hitting the tables repeatedly”.

What she means about Goebbels was Joseph Goebbels the minister of propaganda of Germany which was known loyal and closed to Hitler. His wife also called him several times with “Dolf”, which possibly the short name of Adolf.

After received many ridicules because of his articles, his will to solve this case was getting bolder. He confessed he received information from Sumbawa Besar Island that Dr. Poch had died in Surabaya. Some years before he died his wife left him and returned to Germany. Dr. Poch was then remarried with Mrs. S, a Sundanese woman from Bandung West Java, an employee of a a local government office in Sumbawa Besar Island.

To find the address of Mrs. S which already returned to Bandung is not easy to do, said Dr. Sosro. However finally there was someone who was willing to give him her address. She lives in the area of Babakan Ciamis. In the beginning Mrs. S was not willing to open about these matters.

However, after kept slowly persuaded, she was then willing to speak about her deceased husband. She gave to Dr. Sosro all written documents belong to her husband including their wedding photos, driving license which has Dr. Poch fingerprints on it. From Mrs S it was known that Dr. Poch died on 15 January 1970 at 19.30 pm in Karang Menjangan Hospital Surabaya because of heart attack. He was buried the next day in Ngagel village. He was 81 years old when he died.

In one of the written documents there is one worn out pocket notebook that support his faith all these times. Inside the notebook there are hundred of foreign names that live in various countries around the world, there were also hand writings which difficult to read. In other part of the notebook there were steno hand writings, all of it in Germans. Although there is no name that show posses this notebook, it is believed belong to Mrs. S deceased husband Dr. Poch.

At the cover of the notebook there were 2 codes; J.R. KepaD no.35637 and 35638, each number marked with biological symbols of male and female. “Therefore it’s a big possibility that this notebook belong to the two person, which I believe was Hitler and Eva Braun”, said Dr. Sosro.

Countries, address and hundred of names were written in the notebook; some of these countries are Argentine, Italy, Pakistan, South Africa, and Tibet. In one of the page there were writings if translated means:

Fugitive Organisation. Mr Oppenheim replaces Mrs Kruger. 79 A/1. Travel costs to South America (Argentine).

In the notebook there was also one name that often mentioned in the history of former Nazi fugitives, which is Prof. Dr. Draganowitch, also written Draganovic. Under Draganovic name there was written Delegation Argentina da Imigration Europa – Genua Val Albaro 38. Separately under that, there was written Vatican. In another page it mentioned Draganovic, Croatia, Roma via Tomacelli 132.

Intisari magazine on October 1983 edition mentioned about the address of Val Albaro in an article about Klaus Barbie or Klaus Altman former member of Gestapo, Nazi secret police. The article also mentioned that Draganovic had close relation with the Vatican Rome. He helped Klaus Barbie escape from Germany to Argentina. On 1983, Klaus Barbie was extradited from Bolivia to France, the country that sentenced him to death in 1947.

“There are still many addresses in this book that I haven’t managed to understand its relevance with the Nazi movement. I must be really careful about this because it involves many countries. I must still work very hard to find all these connections. I’m sure the names in this notebook are Nazi fugitives”; said Dr. Sosro.

He admitted that he had difficulties in translating the steno handwriting to normal language or handwriting. When he asked assistance to the German steno book publisher he received answer that the steno handwriting in the notebook was an old German that hadn’t been used for more than sixty years, therefore it’s very difficult to translate. However, the publisher promised him to find him an expert Gabelsberger steno translator. Later on there was a reply from Germany to his letter along with the steno translation to regular German language. Dr. Sosro then translated it to Indonesian language. The title of the writings in the note more or less was brief information on individual manhunt by allies and local authority in 1946 Salzburg, Austria.

In the notebook it was mentioned, “We, me and my wife in Salzburg, 1945”. It didn’t said specifically who is “we”. In the notebook it also mentioned the couple was hunted by CIC (United States intelligence service). Basically it was a story about a married couple chased & hunted by security authorities.

There are many abbreviations written in capital letters which shows chronological escape route of this couple, which are B, S, G, J, B, S, R. “These abbreviations is Hitler’s habit when he make notes, just exactly as I had read in other literatures”, said Dr. Sosro. These escape routes are interpreted by Dr. Sosro as; B (Berlin), S (Salzburg), G (Graz), J (Jugoslavia), B (Belgrade), S (Sarajevo), R (Rome).

Dr. Sosro explained that Rome is the last European city in the escape routes. After that, they escaped from the continent to a remote place which was Sumbawa Besar Island, Indonesia. He cited one of the steno writings in the notebook: “On the first day of December we have to leave R to receive a passport letter, and we succeeded to leave Europe”. Dr. Sosro said, “This is same with the data found in the Dr. Poch’s passport which mentioned that the passport with number 2624/51 was given in Rome. The notebook also has hundred of addresses, with Draganovic’s name connected to Rome.

About Berlin and Salzburg he explained by citing from Zaman magazine 14th May 1984 edition. It is said, history recorded that in 1945 an aircraft that carries Hitler’s secret papers was crashed in eastern Germany. “This is also showed their escape routes”, he said again.

AdolfHitlerThen what about Mrs S which was mentioned by Dr. Sosro as the second wife of Dr. Poch? She told Dr. Sosro that one day she saw her husband shaved his moustache like Hitler’s moustache. When she asked about it, her husband said to her that he is Hitler and said, “Don’t tell anyone”.

After reading and listening to Dr. Sosro’s explanation, there were slight connections between one another. However there are still many questions that need to be asked to him.

Dr. Sosro even already made some kind of dissertation book that tell all of his opinions about Hitler equipped with some photos that he got from Mrs. S. This book also tells his personal experience after he graduated from medical faculty at University of Indonesia until he was assigned in Bima, Kupang and Sumbawa Besar. He had proposed his work to many publishers but still hasn’t received any reply. “I have no intention in doing these all these works; I just want to show that Hitler died in Indonesia”, he said firmly.

Dr. Sosro is not the only person who has theory about Hitler’s escape from Germany to another country; there were also some people in this world who had told this to mass media. There is a change for this theory to exist, because when Hitler and Eva Braun died in 1945, there was no corpse that can be use as evidence.

It is the job for experts in this area to uncover everything including the legality of documents possessed by Dr. Sosrohusodo, Mrs S and the tomb in Ngagel which mentioned as the grave of Dr. Poch. Perhaps forensic experts could provide explanation by performs DNA research to the bones. It is all return to goodwill of all sides.


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  • Majalah “Zaman” edisi No.15 tahun 1980
  • Majalah “Zaman” edisi 14 Mei tahun 1984
  • Majalah “Intisari” edisi bulan Oktober tahun 1983

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  1. setelah saya baca dan pelajari dari apa yang di kemukakn oleh dr.sosro.
    cocokn saja dnanya dr poch dengan hitler sebenarnya karena hanya dengan seperti itu dapat mengetahui kejelasana dan dapat langsung membuat mata dunia melihat bahwa benar keberadaanya.
    sedikit cerita singgkat eyang saya yang sekarang ber umur 86 tahun pernah tinggal di sumbawa besar dan dr.poch ini dikenal dengan dr jerman yang.sampai saat ini beliu kalau menceritakan tentang dr.ini memang aeprti apa yang di gambarakan dr.sosro.dan satu lagi adanya foto yang tertera di depan ruang prakteknya yaitu gambar dr.poch dengan tengkorak sedang bermain catur yang selalusdingatnya

  2. Pak Yuda, ma’af sekali saya kurang tahu dengan keberadaan dr. Sosro saat ini.
    Ada orang lain yang bisa saya tanya, nanti kalau ada jawaban saya email.

  3. Hi,
    orang tua saya adik mantan bupati Sumbawa yang tinggal di Sumbawa Besar.
    Dr Poch ini adalah dokter keluarga alm pak de saya tersebut.
    ada alamat email dr sosro? kemungkinan kami bisa saling bertukar informasi?

  4. artikel yang bagus,,,,saya mahasiswa bahasa jerman di UPI bandung
    saya punya project untuk membuat film dokumenter tentang berita ini……saya punya link dengan pembuat film dokumenter di jerman dan yang pasti mereka akan sangat tertarik untuk membahas berita yang akan mengguncang dunia ini….ketika saya berada di jerman saya sering melihat tayangan2 tentang berita perang duina 2 dan khususnya tentang hitler…..oleh karena itu saya sangat tercengang sekali ketika mendengar bahwa hitler pernah berada di indonesia…….
    yang pasti jika ini memang terbukti benar maka indonesia akan di kenal oleh dunia…..ini kesempatan yang sangat besar…..
    saya juga mau bertanya tentang dr. sosro….klo boleh tahu, apa alamat emailnya dr. sosro…….untuk bantuan dan artikelnya saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih….

    1. Menurut artikel yg saya baca di majalah Era Muslim edisi ke 11 alamat Dr Sosro adalah Jl Dr Setiabudi selanjutnya disebutkan depan atau seberang kampus UPI atau IKIP berarti di Ledeng dong…. diartikel di era muslim sayangnya UPI adalah singkatan Universitas Parahyangan Indonesia jadi agak membingungkan yg mana yg benar soalnya depan IKIP atau UPI sekarang banyak rumah2 jadul bisa saja salah satu di huni Dr sosro namun depan Parahyangan juga banyak rumah2 lama juga tinggal dilacak aja.

      1. Betul, rumahnya Jl. Dr. Setiabudi, dulu nempel dengan salah satu insitusi militer (lupa namanya apa) sebrang gedung Isola. Rumahnya dulu ada 3 pohon yang sangat besar terlihat dari jalan. Kabar terakhir sudah dijual rumahnya.

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