One night a blind man wants to go home from the house of his close friend, his close friend giving him a lantern.

The blind man laughing and said; “what for that I bring a lantern? It is same to me either day or night, I able to go home.”

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With softly speak his friend give an answer; “this lantern I gave to let other person see you, so they will not hit you.”


So, the blind man agree with that argue and he bring the lantern.  Not so long, on the way home somebody hit him.

On his shock he grumbled; “Hay, did you have an eye to see me, why did you hit me, please give me the way, I’m a blind!”

Without any comment or answer they pass each other.

Not so long after that, another person hit the blind man.

This time the blind man is more angry; “Are you blind?!? Did you not see me? I bring a lantern to make you able to see me!”

The person give an answer; “Did you blind! Did you see that your lantern is out?”

The blind man gets stuck...

Realize with the situation, the person who hit him asking for apologize, “Ooh, sorry, I did ‘blind’; I did not know that you are a blind man.”

The blind man shame and said, “It is OK, I also apologize that I’m so rude.”

With an honest the person helps the blind man to turn on the lantern bringing by the blind man and then they splitting to continuing their way.

On the next way, there is another person again hit the blind man.

This time the blind man more careful, he asking politely, “Sorry, is it my lantern out?”

The hit man answered, “Ooh, I also want to ask the same things.”

Quiet a while …….

Then both together, “Are you a blind?”

And, both of them said together, “Yes!” both of them laughing.

Both of them try to help each other to find their lantern, the lantern drop during the accident.

While two blind man looking for their lantern, at the same time somebody passes on them. In the darkness of night, he nearly hit the two blind men. He keeps walking without knowing that the two people he passing thru is blind.

Arose an idea to the man, “I think I also must be bringing a lantern, so I will see the way clearly, other person also will able to see their way.”

Lantern is symbolic of light and wise. Bringing a lantern means doing a wise in a life. Lantern seems as wise, protecting us and others from any obstacle (hit!).

The first blind man represents a person who’s covered by a darkness of soul, hypocrite, selfish, and angriness. Always blaming others not realize that when he pointed his finger to others, more fingers appointed to him. On the “way” home, he learns to be wise through the accident. He is more humble because he aware with his blindness, and with a help of other he also learn to be forgiveness person.

The first hit man represents peoples who are careless. Sometimes, they prefer to be ‘blind’ even they can see.

The second hit man represents peoples who are pretending against us, actually it shown our mistaken, intentionally or not.  They will be teaching us. No one want to be blind, there is normal that we should have an understanding and helping each other.

The second blind man represents both persons who is also in the darkness of soul as we are.  How difficult to light on the lantern if we unable to see the lantern. That is not possible a blind man directing another blind man. That is important to learn and learn to make us able to see, and more wise.

The last person who passing by is represents peoples who are aware enough about the important to have a lantern of insight.

Have we light on the lantern inside us?  If we have, is it the light still bright, or it is nearly off?  BE A LANTERN, for ourselves and surround us.

A 25 century old motto said that: A thousand of lanterns will light on from one lantern, and the light from the first lantern will never fall. The lantern of insight also will never finish.

The eye without obstruction the result is to see. The ear without obstruction the result is hearing.  The nose without obstruction the result is smell. Thinking without obstacle is wisdom.