One day there is a young man has a seed of roses. He wants to plant those roses on his backyard. He prepared a shovel and manure. Soon he prepared a pot for those roses three will grow up and flowering. He choose the good pot and put it in the corner that enough of sun shine. He hoping that the rose plan will grew perfectly.


Every day he gave water on the rose plant, and maintaining carefully. He never forgets to clean up pot from the grass to keep the rose plant grow up perfectly. Later the flower comes up. The sepal of flower has burst even the color still not perfect and the young man is very happy because his effort perfectly success. He take care the flower carefully, he surprise when he saw that many thorn on the stem of the flower. He sad because the thorn comes up together with beautiful flower.

He talks to himself, “why it is from the beautiful flower comes up a sharp thorn? It will be making me difficult to taking care of the flower. Every time I clean up the plant the thorn hurting me, it always make my skin hurt. It makes me sick. I never let the thorn make my hand bleeding.”


Later the young man looks like unwilling to taking care his rose plant. He becomes careless. He never pouring the plant that actually he always gave before day and night. The grass arise annoyance the growth of the roses. The sepal that starting to burst, and now become withers, the leaf also falling down one by one. At the end, before the roses flowering perfectly is dried.

rose-burstHuman soul is like the story of roses. In every soul there is a roses planted. There is a given from God, and we must take care of it. There is also God taking a glory in every heart and mind of us. As a flowering plant, actually inside of our soul there is also a bud of roses that ready to blossom and thorn.

But most of us just see the thorn then the flower. A lot of us only see the dark side of our. Sometimes, we have a feeling to against the existence of ourselves. We often disappointed with ourselves. We think that only hurting things that will arise from us. We forgot to pouring “a good seed” inside our soul. And, at the end, we remain disappointed; we never realize a potency that we have.

Many people didn’t realize they also have a beautiful rose in their soul. They never realize that. We often busy with the thorn of weakness and thorn of pessimistic inside. Sometimes, other people will show to us.

If we able to find the beautiful roses that grow in our soul, we will obey the thorn arose. We will maintain it to be flowery, and more flowers into a dozen new sprout will come up. In every sprout will have arisen a happiness sprout, a rest, peace, filling our garden of soul. The beautiful satisfactory is when we success to showing our self about the roses, and forgotten the thorn that will arise.

The spread of its fragrance will decorate our days. Beautiful aroma offered, is like the calm of the lake water that calming an emotion. Let we find a “roses” of quietly, happiness, peace in our soul. Maybe, yes, maybe we also will meet with a thorn, but do not it makes us desperate. Maybe, our hand will hurts, but do not makes us sad and sadness.

Let the beautiful roses open in your hearth. Let the sepal shining its glorious shine. Let the sticks grabbing your hope and dream. Let the ovary inside to be a seed of new happiness for you. And, the sprouts is for giving to everyone we meet, let they found how beautiful of roses in their soul. Pass the greetings, for us to harvest the seeds of love roses to everyone, and planting it in the garden of our hearth.