Hantu Berbaju Merah

Hantu Baju Merah (Red Ghost)

This is Hantu Baju Merah phenomenon that occurs in Sukabumi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, January 2011.

It's still uncertain whether it was really a ghost or just the engineering course, considering how sophisticated the current video technology now is.

Clearly we can see the red ghost video is already shown on local station and circulating on the Youtube site, and you can give your own judgments whether the video is genuine or fake.

In the original Hantu baju merah video length about 5 minutes, we could see a ghost wearing a red shirt who appeared many times when a fun resident doing the video record in a home.

In the Hantu Baju Merah video, ghost sightings could be seen in the red dress appeared at the top of the cabinet and also in a rocking chair.

The ghost sightings also appeared behind the door and behind the cupboards, but the most scary ghost sighting in the red dress is that in upper cabinets while she was shaking her head.

If you're curious to see the video red dress ghost from Sukabumi on the Youtube site, please search with keywords "hantu baju merah"

hantu berbaju merah


What Is Actually Ghost?

Ghosts generally refer to the life after death. Ghosts are also associated with spirits or ghosts who leave the agency because of the death.

Although in general the ghost refers to a substance that interfere with worldly life, in many cultures, ghosts are not defined as a substance of good and evil. The name Satan, the devil, genderuwo, and so on, more commonly used to refer to an evil ghost.

While a good ghost, which have the ability to help people, known by many different names, such as the name for the Datuk.

hantu baju merahIn most religions, asked the ghost to help human beings is prohibited. Ghost trusted presence by almost all human beings who believe in God, although only a fraction is admitted directly ever seen a ghost.

The existence of ghosts are developed into the pros and cons in more developed countries.

Some scientists think the ghost is an illusion or delusion that they believe, while some other scientists tried to prove scientifically the existence of the substance contained in a ghost.

Famous Ghost Names in Indonesia

Indonesian people is familiar with various types of ghosts. Here are the types of ghosts that is commonly known in Indonesia:

  1. Kuntilanak (a female ghost usually likes to kidnap a child)
  2. Sundel Bolong (a female ghost that has hole on her back)
  3. Tuyul (a child ghost that likes to steal few money)
  4. Pocong (a Jumping ghost in white dress)
  5. Genderuwo (an ugly big female or male ghost)
  6. Wewe (a female ghost)
  7. Beast (a ghost that can be turned into another appearance)
  8. Gennie
  9. Jenglot (a tiny creatures with an ugly old face)

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