I've not heard much online about people firing blank replica guns, so I thought I'd do a quick write-up of my own recent experience. I've fired pistols plenty of times, but had never tried out a blank firing gun.

I recently bought a blank firing replica of a Walther PPK semi-automatic pistol. Where I live, like most other places, it's illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits (and would probably upset my weiner dogs), so I took it down to the shooting range to try it out.


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blank gunAfter firing off several rounds from a couple of real pistols, (an old nasty Bryco .380 auto plinker and a new Smith and Wesson .40 caliber with a nice recoil) I turned my attention to my new replica PPK blank gun.

I was not sure what to expect. Would it be a cheap cap gun with a little bang, like a .22 caliber pistol?

Let's find out.

I took the little flat-nosed, green-capped blank ammo cartridges and loaded them into the clip and inserted it into the magazine. Wearing my ear plugs and safety glasses, I switched off the safety and pulled back the slide to chamber a round, wondering what it would be like.

I aimed the pistol down range and pulled the trigger. I was rewarded with a loud boom, like any other larger caliber pistol, and a nice bucking recoil.

This was immediately followed by a small puff of smoke and the sound of the ejected spent brass tinkling on the pavement at my side. Just like the real thing.

If I hadn't known that I'd just fired a blank pistol with nothing coming out of the muzzle, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. Encouraged, I went ahead and pulled the trigger several more times, in rapid succession, so I could get the full sensation of firing a semi-automatic.

I got it.

When I had emptied the clip, there was a cloud of smoke, the smell of gunpowder and brass shell casings bouncing at my feet.

I have now satisfied my curiosity about shooting a blank firearm. With the exception of not firing projectiles, it's just like the real thing, and it was fun. Try it sometime!

Written by: Randall Graham

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