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Video Anak – Video Pendidikan Anak Anak

Video Pendidikan Anak Anak Bingung cari video anak atau video pendidikan anak? Coba main-main ke toko buku besar dan melihat


30 Million Dollars Bikini

30 Million Dollars Bikini Who says diamonds are only accessories to the clothes? At year 2006, the eagerly awaited Sports


History of Hanacaraka Javanese Script

Jakarta News paper “Seputar Indonesia” 3 November 2009 edition on page 12 said that; Aksara Jawa got an International Recognition.


To Be A Lantern

One night a blind man wants to go home from the house of his close friend, his close friend giving


Let The Beautiful Roses To Burst

One day there is a young man has a seed of roses. He wants to plant those roses on his


Pengumuman Lebaran

Departemen Agama (Depag) secara resmi mengumumkan 1 Syawal 1430 H jatuh pada tanggal 20 September 2009. Dengan demikian Lebaran maju